Dr Martens Safety Boots.




Dr Martens Safety Boots.

The pair of Dr. Martens 1460 boots rolled off the production line on the 1st April, 1960 and immediately found a home on the feet of working Britain. The Northamptonshire family behind the boot had already been making high quality industrial footwear for many decades. Soldiers, factory workers and even farmers have all relied on the Griggs family quality work-wear, which was known for utilising all the long-standing skills of the English footwear trade.


Post-war footwear for the working population was sturdy, but highly uncomfortable, often using leather and even wooden soles. Then in 1940, two Germans - Dr.Maertens and Dr Funck, re-invented the work-wear boot and shoe altogether by creating a revolutionary air-cushioned sole. Back in Northamptonshire. Bill Griggs acquired the exclusive license to produce the German sole, and paired this invention with his own family's expertise in shoe making. Not only was the resulting new 1460 boot extremely comfortable, it was resistant to petrol, fat, acid, alkali and oil.


This unique air-cushioned sole, combined with the durable new upper of the boot, proved fit for purpose across a huge range of occupations within working class Britain. The bands continues to draw from generations of footwear development expertise to design and engineer innovative, market leading, reliable technical products that push the boundaries of lightweight, flexible comfort without sacrificing durability or work site protection.

Dr Martens safety footwear